Caraval (Plus a life update from me)

Author: Stephanie Garber

Published: September 29th, 2016

Rating: 5/5

Wow has it already been almost 3 weeks since my last post? Life on my end has been crazy. Starting off my intention was to post a new review every week but as youve noticed I’ve been absent for a while. Between starting the spring semester at school and loosing a loved one its been hard to find time for myself lately. Anyway enough with my personal life lets get too teh juicy stuff.

So I first came across this book when my step sister gave it to me. I’ll admit I wasn’t one bit interested in picking it up. Then one afternoon I wanted something new to read but wasn’t able to get to Barnes and Noble and I hate the idea of getting a e-book. So to dive right on in our main characters of this mysteriously amazing adventure we follow Scarlett (AKA Scar) and her sister Donetella (AKA Tella) as they attempt to escape the island they’ve been imprisoned on their entire lives. Having an abusive father makes their lives complete HELL and only further lights a fire under Donatella that she wants off the island. Cue their opportunity for escape. Scarlett receives a letter from Legend who runs Caraval, whom she’d been writing too for years with no reply, inside this letter awaits 3 tickets to enter Caraval. Scarlett being the timid and play it safe girl she is refuses to leave the isle and risk breaking the arranged marriage her father has set up for her. With the help of a sailor, Julian, who Donatella became aquianted with they kidnap Scarlett and take her off the island and whisk her away to Caraval. 2 days later Scarlett wakes up after being drugged, and finds herself on a small raft being oared to shore by Julian. Once they arrive on shore the see that Donatella is no where to be found. They hurry on to try to find somewhere to warm up. Venturing through a small town theyve found they start to see the magic of Caraval come to life. I wont spoil the good parts so I will leave my summare there. I will say however that once they reach the shore the book takes you on one crazy ride.


Once I started this book I could not put it down! I will forewarn you this book contains lots of details and twists so you have to pay attention. However if you’re a visual person who plays a little movie in their head while they read like I am then you will LOVE this book. The descriptions are amazing. The plot is an adventure/fantasy/mystery all mixed together so you get a little taste of each. I will most definitley be reading the second book in the series. The character development is good and characters that you see in the beginning come back around which I always love.