Author: Anna Todd

Published: October 21st, 2014

Rating: 4/5

So before I jump into the review I want to start by saying that this book is for sure meant for mature audiences! I didn’t really expect the sexual content when I bought it but it honestly does help develop the story. I’m not usually one to buy books that are so detailed and explicit in that area.

The book starts out following our main character Tessa. She a freshmen at WCU and is moving into the dorms for the first time. Her new roommate Steph has already earned Tessa’s strict mother’s and her boyfriend Noah’s disapproval due to her goth looks. As the story progresses Tessa dives head first into Steph’s world and meets Hardin. Being the closed of ladies man that he is and Tessa being the goody that she is the two do not get along at all. Their dislike for each other quickly turns to love however. As she deals with her inner battle of whether to stay with Noah or take a leap of faith to Hardin Noah soon discovers the affair Tessa has been having. Their relationship becomes a constant back and forth fighting and making up. While Tessa is eager for Hardin to tell their friends that they are indeed and item Hardin keeps pushing the idea away and keeps referring to Tessa as his “friend”. As their back and forth relationship continues Tessa’s mother soon learns of their relationship and threatens to cut Tessa off and quit paying for her school. Due to this threat Tessa and Hardin move in together and get an apartment. *note they have only known of each other for 2 months* After this point the story goes on a whirl wind and leaves you with information that blows your mind!!

My summary was kinda long but their is literally so much information that I wanted to give you all but it would take so long so I for sure left out points in the book that make it amazing. Honestly at first I got tired of the back and forth between Hardin and Tessa but soon grew to root for their relationship. Maybe I have a soft spot for broken bad boys?? I finished this book in 2 days I loved it so much. They’re was so much happening within it that I knew that there was going to be a major something to happen near the end I was dying to get there. Overall it’s a definite recommended read from me but as I said in the beginning this is definitely for mature audiences due to the sexual content. I have ordered the second book and I’m dying to dive into it!

Red Queen

  • Author: Victoria Aveyard
  • Published: February 2015
  • Rating: 4/5 


Earlier today I finished reading Red Queen by Victoria Averyard. To begin lets talk about the cover. I mean wow. The way the cover plays with light undertones and uses the red to draw you in. It really helps emphasize the crucial role that red blood will play in the story.

Now on to the good stuff. The story itself is pretty amazing. It brings in supporting characters that end up playing important roles within the story and are mentioned continously throughout the plot. We follow the main character Mare as she ascendes from a lowly red living in The Stilts to a silver blooded princess living in the Capital. Mares journey takes a dramatic twist when she falls onto an electrified shield and doesn’t get shocked instead  that collision awakens an ablilty she never knew she had. From that point on she is thrown into the royal family so they can try to cover up the possiblity that a red could have the powers that only silvers are suppose to have. She becomes betrothed to prince Maven but quickly learns she has feelings for his older brother Cal. Soon into her life at the palace she becomes involved in a rebellion group called the Scarlet Guard. Things quickly become more complicated for Mare as the stakes become higher and more people become involved in her life. Also something to be aware of is the MAJOR plot twist at the end.


This book drew me in as soon as I started reading it. As you continue to read the story more and more information gets given to you. I really enjoyed how the author brought in lots of supporting characters and didnt leave us hanging on what happend to them. The relationships she creates for Mare shows the complexity of the world she lives in. The author gives you so many male charactrers that become a possible love interest for Mare that it becomes hard to decide who you want to root for. Honestly I think I enjoyed this book so much because of its complexity and how it never got boring there was always something happening.

Red Queen is the first book in the 4 part series by Victoria Aveyard. Overall I would 100% reccommend this book.